Collagen Mojito

We have all heard about the extraordinary benefits of including collagen in our daily routine. NeoZen makes it easy and delicious to get your daily dose of collagen in a refreshing Mojito flavor!

Our sparkling NeoZen Collagen drink is the first of its kind on the market and is filled with vitamins and mineralsessential in supporting and promoting hair, skin, nail, and bone health, while also stimulating the production of muscle building and fat burning amino acids.

35 Calorie
Zero Sugar
Low Sodium
Gluten Free

Clinically-proven benefits

Benefits of Turmeric (Curcumin)

Turmeric is famously the most effective nutritional supplement in existence, which is why we created our NeoZen Turmeric Curcumin drink.

Benefits of collagen supplements

Collagen supplementation provides a variety of health benefits. Collagen is a major component of your skin.

What is guarana and does it really work

Guarana is a climbing plant that grows in the Amazon. It produces a fruit that has a seed about the size of a coffee bean.